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    David Zuckerman, DPM

    David Zuckerman, DPM is a recognized leader in emerging technologies for the podiatric profession.  In addition to 34 years of podiatric clinical experience, he is the CEO and Founder of a number of highly successful medical businesses.
    Nearly two decades ago, he was the first podiatrist to use the Dornier Epos Ultra (today’s ESWT gold-standard) in the USA.  He developed a number of successful ESWT treatment techniques and protocols; resulting in the training of over 500 podiatrists. He also co-founded Excellence Shockwave Therapy.
    In 2007, Dr. Zuckerman became involved in Class IV Laser Therapy High Energy Systems and quickly became a pioneer in developing and training advanced new treatment techniques and protocols for many applications from toenail fungus, surgery and therapy.
    In 2016, Dr. Zuckerman helped bring micro-drilling technology to the United States for the podiatric industry for the enhanced treatment of toenail fungus.
    In 2018 Dr. Zuckerman introduced the medical field to The Remy Class IV Laser.  The Remy has elevated dozens upon dozens of practices in the U.S. as a Class IV, FDA-cleared laser capable of treating various conditions; packed perfectly with innovative design along with an unbeatable pricing and service combination.

    Bree Wright, RN, CFCN

    Bree Wright, RN, CFCN, Bree Wright, owner of Heel Your Sole Foot Care, is an advanced foot care nurse with over 20 years of experience.
    She is the course development expert and lead instructor for two post secondary advanced nursing foot care programs in Saskatchewan and the lead international trainer for Neubourg Medical for advanced foot care technologies.
    Bree is the Provincial Adviser for Saskatchewan for the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses and runs a successful private nursing foot care practice that includes many foot care clinics in the Saskatchewan.