Frequently Asked Questions

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The difference between PodoExpert foam creams and other products is the ability of the PodoExpert foams to actually achieve real, tangible and sustainable skin barrier repair, as evidenced by clinical studies and scientific journal publications. The foams can achieve this skin barrier repair as a result of the combination of 2 critical, patented technologies: the first is the BarrioExpert technology, which acts as a special 2-way, non-occlusive, selectively-permeable protective mesh that helps to prevent moisture loss from the inside while helping to prevent undesirable factors from entering into the skin from the outside, such as germs, dirt and allergens. This novel BarrioExpert technology is then taken to the next level by the addition of the unique LIPO2, biomimetic, or “skin-equivalent” lipids, which are a total game-changer in the global medical approach to skin barrier repair.
The LIPO2 lipids are special man-made lipids that naturally mimic those found in the skin. Imagine the protective top layer of your skin as a brick wall, your skin cells would be the bricks but it is the lipids that would be the mortar. When we are exposed to factors such as poor nutrition, disease processes, ageing etc. it is the lipids that become depleted. Without these lipids to form a solid surface of protection between the skin cells in our ‘brick wall’, cracks start to form, and dermatological issues can occur. When the lipids are depleted, the skin is no longer a solid surface, which allows germs, dirt and allergens to get in and excessive moisture loss to get out. The Lipo2 lipids are essential to repairing the skin barrier by filling those cracks. By filling the gaps, they act like a key to a motor and essentially kickstart the skin’s own regenerative engine to allow the skin barrier to repair itself. Clinical studies show that after applying the Lipo2 lipids twice a day for four weeks, and oftentimes as little as 2 weeks, they will have filled in the cracks in the top layer of skin and repaired the protective brick wall of the skin barrier.
It should also be noted that because the PodoExpert technologies are patented, they cannot be copied by other manufacturers so there is truly nothing like these in the entire world.
The PodoExpert foam creams are a far superior delivery method of active ingredients than traditional creams, lotions and ointments. This is because the foams produce a non-occlusive, non-greasy mesh structure over the skin which allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the skin much more efficiently than other greasy formulations, all without interrupting the skin’s natural physiological functions nor its ability to sweat normally. The problem with traditional creams and lotions is that they are highly occlusive due to their greasy nature. The thin film of grease that settles over the skin has a tendency to trap a lot of the active ingredients inside that oily layer, and in the end, the skin Is unable to access the good ingredients efficiently. Additionally, the greasy layer occludes the skin and blocks the pores, which disrupts the skin’s normal physiological processes and also prevents it from sweating normally. Finally, the occlusive greasy layer causes excessive moisture buildup on the skin’s surface, which attracts germs and can also lead to maceration of the skin, which can lead to infections as well as a number of other dermatological complications.
The PodoExpert foam technology completely overcomes those occlusion problems thanks to its ability to produce a light, non-greasy, non-occlusive and quickly-absorbing foam mesh, which gives it a very high bioavailability of its active ingredients, allows the skin to sweat and to function normally, and not only prevents maceration and excessive, unbalanced moisture buildup but actually repairs the damaged skin barrier in the process.
The BarrioExpert technology is a uniquely patented biotechnology which acts as a special 2-way, non-occlusive, selectively-permeable protective mesh that helps to prevent moisture loss from the inside while helping to prevent undesirable factors from entering into the skin from the outside, such as germs, dirt and allergens.
This foam delivery system also has the ability to deliver the LIPO 2 lipids and other active ingredients in a very efficient way that creams and lotions cannot. It doesn’t sit or linger like a barrier on the top of the skin as lotions do, blocking the skin’s pores and occluding its natural physiological functions. Instead, it takes those Lipo2 lipids and soaks them deep into the stratum corneum for repair to begin while still allowing the skin to sweat and function normally, yet without risking detrimental moisture buildup or any ensuing maceration to occur.
The LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology is a patented technology comprised of the lipids that mimic those found naturally in the skin. These are called biomimetic lipids, which means they have the same shape as the natural lipids in our bodies and are thus able to fit properly into the holes in the wall of the stratum corneum (which is the formal name of the protective barrier of the skin). These lipids fill in the lipid lamellar bilayer and actually cause a reorganization of the protective layer of skin, the stratum corneum, to close all the gaps in that protective layer. These lipids are essential for repair of the skin barrier and to prevent future dermatological issues.
These fabulous products will soak into the skin very quickly and very easily. Taking enough product to ensure proper immersion of the Lipo2 lipids into the skin is important. For most average-sized feet, approximately a walnut-sized amount in the palm of your hand will allow for the full saturation on each foot and lower leg. If the feet are larger, a plum-size amount of foam is needed.
Yes. All areas of our body are covered in skin and thus susceptible to damage caused by factors such as poor nutrition, disease processes, UV exposure from the sun, the weather, natural ageing etc. The lipids found in the PodoExpert products are essential to fill in those gaps in the protective layer of the skin. People all over the globe are recognizing the benefits of using these products as part of their daily skin care regime to prevent skin breakdown and to repair the damage caused to our outer-most protective organ.
The Podoexpert products are extremely fast absorbing and non-greasy. Only moments after application they soak deep into the skin, repairing and moisturizing throughout the stratum corneum, not just the surface. Socks, shoes and even compressions socks and stockings can all be donned immediately after application due to their quick and efficient absorption into the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue.
The Podoexpert products have a long shelf life – they have a 3 year expiry date from the time of manufacturing. Store in a cool place and out of direct sunlight for best results.
If used as recommended twice a day, everyday, for a minimum of 1 month, the PodoExpert foams typically have 2 months worth of product in them.